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About the LBPIA


Lake Beulah Protective and Improvement Association (LBPIA) is a member-based organization dedicated to preserving the quality of Lake Beulah’s natural resources and sustaining its inviting environment. LBPIA is dependent on annual dues from its members for its funding. All who use and enjoy the lake are welcome as members.

Begun in 1894 as a collective effort to manage lake issues, the LBPIA has grown into an effective organization seeking to assure that the pristine quality of the lake remains for future generations.


Mission Statement

The Lake Beulah Protective and Improvement Association is dedicated to preserving the natural resources of Lake Beulah and to maintaining an inviting environment for all who use the lake.

What We Do

  • Serve as a voice in matters affecting the health and welfare of the lake.

  • Assist in monitoring water quality, fish stocking, educational programs for youth and users of the lake, and legal challenges of potential actions detrimental to the lake health.

  • Inform the membership of environmental issues and other matters regarding Lake Beulah.

  • Participate in efforts by local, county and state governmental units to develop and enforce meaningful laws and regulations.

  • Cooperate with other entities and organizations that have objectives beneficial to the lake.

  • Serve as a watch dog on developments on the lake with respect to building codes, zoning ordinances, pier regulations, water safety, and other matters.


An elected Board of Directors voluntarily represent LBPIA members and their interests and concerns. Area Chairpersons serve as the primary contacts to the Association. Biannual open meetings are held in the Spring and Fall every year. Annual membership dues and donations provide the financial resources for LBPIA to carry out its mission. These resources are used for monitoring water quality and invasive species, fish stocking, construction on or around the lake, pier regulations and education. Occasionally, dues and donations fund legal challenges to actions that threaten lake quality.

Paddleboarding on Lake Beulah

Paddleboarding on Lake Beulah

Membership & Donations

Become a member today and help keep Lake Beulah beautiful.

Since 1894, the Lake Beulah Protective and Improvement Association has worked to keep the lake beautiful and natural. Originally named “Crooked Lake,” the Beulah of today still boasts miles of clean water and lush foliage. Whether you’re a Lake Beulah resident or simply an admirer, you’ll find the lake ideal for any activity: quiet fishing, wading and swimming and water sports.

How do we preserve this breathtaking environment? Join the Lake Beulah Protection and Improvement Association, whose goal is to maintain a clean, fun and safe environment for all who make use of Lake Beulah.

Your $40 membership fee assists in monitoring of water conditions, invasive-species education, fish stocking, water-quality education for youth, property identification for safety and security and any legal challenges.

Membership includes:

  • Newsletters packed with articles about Lake Beulah news, laws, wildlife and water quality.

  • An invitation to the Spring and Fall member meetings – stay connected to your lake neighbors, meet LBPIA board members and hear from experts on issues involving Lake Beulah.

  • Email updates on current issues and upcoming events.

  • For new members: An LBPIA address pier plaque and a 16” x 20” historical color map of Lake Beulah.

For more information contact Steve Schmitendorf at, LBPIA membership chair.

Join and/or Donate Options Online Using PayPal:


LBPIA welcomes your donations to help us with our mission to preserving the natural resources of Lake Beulah and to maintaining an inviting environment for all who use the lake.

Join and/or Donate by mail:

To join or contribute by mail, please download, print and mail the Membership Form.

LBPIA, P.O. Box 153, East Troy, Wisconsin

Other Donations


The Wisconsin DNR has given approval to stock Smallmouth Bass in Lake Beulah. Since Smallmouth Bass are not present in Beulah, it will take three years of stocking to establish a breeding population. The Triangle Sportsmen’s Club and LBPIA have each budgeted $1,000 per year for three years to start the project. Individuals and organizations interested in supporting the project are encouraged to send donations to LBPIA, P.O. Box 153, East Troy, Wisconsin.

Donate online (select Smallmouth Bass Fund in “(Optional) Use this donation for” dropdown):

A new day on the lake.

A new day on the lake.

Area Chair Network

Area Chairpersons are committed Lake Beulah residents who serve as the primary contacts to the Association. They are your friends and neighbors, familiar faces who understand the issues surrounding your community. Should you have an interest or concern regarding the lake, please contact your area chair or Contact Us.

Country Club Lane & Austin Road: Steve & Mary Schmitendorf

Beulah Heights Road (W2002‐W1900) and Bavaki Way: Rob Hudson de Tarnowsky

Beulah Heights Road (up to W2002): Richard Stenglein

Oakwood Lane & Its A Little Road: Don Stein

Lake Road & Windy Way: John & Susan Brown

County Road J: Don Tacke

Marsh Road & Millsite Road: Don Tacke

Island Drive & Golden Way: George Emme

Byrnes Lane & Romadka Park Road: Roy Gerloff

East Shore Road (Beach Rd. to North end of Beulah Park Rd.): Debra Dunn

East Shore Road & Thistle Lane: Greg and Pat Thomas

Horseshoe Lane & East Shore Road (to Beulah Park Rd.): Chris Mackey & Karen Peters

Beulah Park Road: Dave & Peggy Krueger

South Shore Drive up to Humphrey Lane: Norm & Rose Sass

South Shore Drive west of and including Humphrey Lane: Carrie Franzene

Kings Parkway & Kings Lane: John & Bea Sonderegger

Pastime Lane & Grandview Drive: Annemarie Probst

Wilmers Grove Road, Wilmers Point Lane & Wilmers Landing: Val Johnson

Stringers Bridge Road, New Deal Ave., & West Bay Road: Michol Ford

Beach Road & Deerpath Road: Debra Dunn


Please contact Steve Schmitendorf at for chairperson contact info or information on becoming an area chairperson.

Kayaking to discover new vistas.

Kayaking to discover new vistas.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors are elected by the LBPIA membership and serve on a voluntary basis. Board members’ terms are three years; board members can serve a maximum of three terms (nine years).

Contact a Board Member.

Tom VanDenBogart, President / Fish, Game & Wildlife

Carol Stein, Vice President

Steve Huening, Treasurer

Steve Schmitendorf, Membership, Communications & Area Chair Network

Keith Beren, Water Quality

Jim Blomberg, Water Quality

Alyssa Klopatek, Secretary / Web

Brian Bellew, Marketing

Sam McGinnis, Newsletter Editor

John Sonderegger, Past President

Emeritus Members

  • Ray Fisher

  • Daniel Bach

  • Paul Didier

  • Scott Miller

  • Dick Patterson

  • Jane Tanis

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Paper mail: LBPIA, P.O. Box 153, East Troy 53120