Chief Jensen Message - Spring 2019

As the weather warms up, Police Chief Don Jensen would like to remind boaters of the danger of being on the water. He has some safety precautions to share as well to allow people to enjoy spending time on the lake, while ensuring their personal safety and the safety of others.

Police Chief Jensen’s Water Patrol Officers are available to conduct vessel inspections, where they will make sure you have the proper equipment on board. They can be reached on the water by waving them down. If you do request a safety inspection on the water and there is an equipment deficiency, you will not be cited. Instead the patrol officers will educate you so that you can be safe on the water. Appointments can also be scheduled by phone to have Chief Jensen or one of his members come to your home (East Troy residents) to inspect your vessel. You may also drive your vessel to the station house if it is trailered.

The Department phone number is 262-642-3700, and they are located in the Town Hall at N9330 Steward School Rd.

Some of the basic equipment required for safe operation is:

  • If you were born after January 1, 1989 – Boaters Safety Certificate on board (PWC and motorized boats)

  • Certificate of number affixed to your vessel (PWC and boats)

  • Expiration decals displayed

  • Wearable PFD: Type I, II, III or V (to include un-powered boat)

  • Throwable PFD: Type IV (boat 16’ to less than 26’)

  • Type B-1 fire extinguisher

  • Operational navigation lights (there are additional requirements for those operating on federally controlled waterways) (for additional information check out the WI DNR web page concerning boating)

Chief Jensen would like to leave you with this quote that is appropriate for any body of water:

“To insure safety at sea, the best that science can devise, and that naval organization can provide must be regarded only as an aid, and never as a substitute for good seamanship, self-reliance, and sense of ultimate responsibility which are the first requisites in a seaman and naval officer.” ~Admiral Chester W. Nimitz

For more information, you may contact Chief Jensen at the Town of East Troy Police Department.

Telephone number: 262-642-3700