Fish Stocking

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This year’s fish species stocking program will introduce perch into Lake Beulah mid to late September. The release will be coordinated as an educational opportunity to engage grade school kids in their environmental studies. Both medium (3-5” in length) and large (5-7” in length) perch will be released.

The perch spawning season is actually accruing now and extends through late May. Did you know that the females tend to be the larger of the sexes? The adult size of perch are usually from 6-9” in length. The larger 5-7 inch fish we will be releasing are in their second year of growth. Perch reach their mature size in three years’ time and begin to spawn. So the larger perch we will be releasing this fall will spawn the following spring in 2020.

The Smallmouth Bass we released three years ago should now be 12 inches in length and spawning this year for the first time. We rotate the species of fish released into Lake Beulah based on recommendation by the DNR fisheries manager. They base their recommendations off senses data from fish surveys conducted around the lake.

We want to thank the Triangle Fish Club and the Lake Beulah Management District for their continued support to our fish stocking program. Many members have also contributed extra to support this effort. If you too would also be interested in an additional contribution, you can send a check to PO Box 153, East Troy 53120, or include it with your dues payment. We are very appreciative of the support of homeowners and anglers who have supported our efforts.

Thank You!

Tom VanDenBogart