Lake Views Spring 2018 Newsletter - President Message


Planting of my Lake Beulah roots took place in 1940 and those lake roots have grown ever since. Now some 78 years later, in my final year on the LBPIA board, certainly elderly and perhaps a little bit wiser, I am called to serve as its president. Out of love for this gem known as Lake Beulah and deep admiration for those who have served over the years as its stewards, I humbly take on the responsibility.

The LBPIA board has nine directors who voluntarily take on the task of conducting the affairs of the organization. The board operates through committees such as membership, newsletter, website management, fish and wildlife, marketing, and water quality. At one time or another LBPIA membership has elected each of us. We serve three‐ year terms and, according to the by‐laws, may be reelected for two additional terms.

Two of us will finish the race this year. Another has resigned. Jim Blomberg has agreed to join the board. He will be proposed for election at a members meeting. New faces on the board assure a continued vitality. I hope you may have an interest in exploring the possibility of becoming a director. Contact me or one of the other directors.

In 2018, board members are striving to improve our communication with members. We apologize for the failure to produce the usual fall Lake Views brought on by unforeseen circumstances. Tell us what you think of this new version.

Recognizing the growing importance of electronic communication, we have improved the LBPIA website. More needs to happen. And we must find a way to eliminate the old website, a source of confusion. Through Steve Schmitendorf’s initiative, we are producing timely electronic message capabilities with the membership.

A review of the by‐laws is in the cards. Whatever changes seem appropriate will be brought to the members for approval before the year is over.

The Town of East Troy board is considering an ordinance involving ballast tank boating on Mill Lake. Watch for announcements by the Town of when public input to the process is to take place. We will strive to keep you posted on such dates.

Best wishes for a fine summer.

John Sonderegger