Watercraft Courtesy & Emergencies

From the Town of East Troy Police Chief Don Jensen

Please use courtesy and common sense in operating your water‐ craft. Avoid creating a hazard, threat, stress, or irritant to others and yourself, to wildlife and to lake environment. Respect others by turning down the volume of music or other amplification.

You can report situations to the Town of East Troy Police on the lake or call their non‐emergency number: 262‐642‐3700. For all EMERGENCIES DIAL 9‐1‐1. Try to provide the police with as much information as possible such as boat type, color, number of occupants, location where observed, and registration number. When on the lake the Police also monitor the emergency Marine Channel. There are four emergency access points. Wilmer's Landing, Seminary, Yacht Club, and Double D’s on Hwy J. Signs like the one to the right are posted in all four locations.

Now is the time to start getting your vessel ready for the summer. Check your battery, navigation lights, PFD’s, lines, portable marine radio battery, boat registration, fire extinguisher, check the engine for serviceability, clean fuel (first fill add STA‐BIL) and general overall condition of your vessel.

Emergency Signs ETPD.jpg